February 24, 2008

Internet Yellow Page (IYP) Usage Is Increasing





A Growing Audience:
More and more consumers turn to IYPs to get targeted search results:
   – 45% of Internet users use an IYP
      › 83% who use an IYP use more than 1x per week
   – Longer consumers are online, more they use an IYP*
      › Consumers online 1-3 years: 34% use IYP
      › Consumers online 3-5 years: 48% use IYP
      › Consumers online 5 years or more: 60% use IYP
   – Broadband is increasing IYP usage
      › 54% of broadband users use IYP
   – IYPs provide better local search information and results
IYPs Provide Attractive ROI

*For every $1 invested in IYP advertising – over $33 in sales revenue is generated 2
*Consumers spend more using an Internet Yellow Pages for online purchases than they do using a search engine 3

1. Forrester Research 2003 2. Fromholzer May 2005 3.comScore 2004

Why Internet Yellow Page (IYP) Advertising?

Internet Yellow Page (IYP) Users Are Buyers: After visiting a Yellow Page Internet Site:
70.4% contact a merchant as a result of their visit
46.9% make a purchase as a result of their visit
80 % are likely to visit a Yellow Page Internet site again
75.2% will recommend a site to family and friends 1
80% of yellow page internet visitors return each month 2.

1. Harris Interactive Research July 2002
2. Comscore Nov.-Dec. 2003

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